Sony boss says “There is interesting stuff coming” from E3

Fergal Gara Sony UK VP & MD

When I spoke to Sony’s new UK VP and MD Fergal Gara recently, I asked him about what was coming up for the company in the near future. He is a tease. 

Specifically, we talked about the future software line up – in the next few months The Last Of Us seems like the only significant bump on the horizon. When I asked Gara if we were going to see a big change around E3, or whether there were going to be any surprises this year, he answered, “Yeah, never underestimate what may be on the horizon. I’m privileged to know a little bit more about what’s coming down the line. What I would say is, there is interesting stuff coming, not all of which we can announce right now.”

Gara also spoke about the balance between PS Vita and PS3. When I asked if the latter was taking a backseat while the handhand danced in the spotlight, “Only very short term,” was his answer. “Everybody has been focused on this [PS Vita] launch 100 per cent – or near 100 per cent anyway – for the last few weeks. So while PlayStation 3 was the priority until Christmas, PlayStation Vita has been [the priority] since Christmas.”

Moving forward however, he explained that both consoles would be treated equally, “We’re going to see much more of a balanced approach through the heart of the year, and as I said earlier, better together. They’re each other’s best accessories, so there’s a story there to intertwine.”

So what do reckon? God Of War 4? The next thing from Quantic Dream? Dammit, where’s Lair 2?

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