Could Metal Gear Solid 5 be photorealistic? Check out these new FOX engine shots

Metal Gear Solid 5

It looks possible if these new shots are anything to go by. Hideo Kojima’s been asking “Is it real or is it ‘FOX?’” over at Konami’s website, showing some astonishingly shiny pictures of a horse and what looks like a meeting room. Odd choices to show off your new tech but then it doesn’t matter when it looks this good. 

We definitely know Metal Gear Solid 5‘s on the way because Kojima’s hiring for it. Then there’s also the mysterious Project Ogre, which he recently revealed will somehow feature a literal Ogre, and possibly bikinis.

It’s unlikely either game will really look this good in action, though. Previous images of the FOX engine in action show a more realistic but still impressive final product. This is probably the team running their dev gear till it smokes but still exciting to see none-the-less. Especially the lighting which Kojima mentions in a tweet translated (badly) from the Japanese where he says this is “the current state of the FOX engine. It is not complete yet, the game is moving in real time in the light of linear.” I think that last bit means what we are seeing here is real time rendering as apposed to a static pre-rendered image.

Thanks VG247 and Gematsu