Assassin’s Creed 3: what do the fans think?

Assassin's Creed 3 america location

So Assassin’s Creed 3 is set in America. I have to admit it’s going to have to win me all over again as I have issues with the level of firepower and colonial architecture that make me question how this can be like previous games. A complete reboot could be amazing but it’ll have to prove itself all over again. The fan feedback has been varied, with two main camps – “America? F*ck yeah” and “Hell no”. 

As a rule most have been wary. Uncertainty about the game’s overall character is one element that’s been questioned with HaresAndHallows tweeting “I’m a bit dubious about AC3 being in America, because it won’t have that same exotic quality it had with Italy or Constantinople.” An opinion shared by taff_owst who thinks “Red Dead Redemption with a hidden blade + a white leather hoodie essentially isn’t it? It just doesn’t fit. Where’s the charm?” Ditasplaything simply says, “I can see no way assassins creed in America won’t suck. The two just don’t fit together at all.”

But it isn’t all negative. Mark Dorney quite rightly points out, “Let’s just see what they can do with it. While I’m not quite sure how they’re going to pull [it] off, we can’t judge them before they try” while V_Ben highlights the fact that “As a time period, it is woefully unexplored.”

It is at least a change with Chris_Smith88 hoping “the new location will freshen up the game” and adding “By Revelations I was completely bored by the time period, the game was stale”.

Christopher McDonald raises one of my main worries stating “My biggest concern is simply how they will pull of the geography and the free-running, as the towns and cities back then weren’t exactly massive”. While he’s not completely sold on the idea he is at least prepared to give the sequel a chance, “But to simply dismiss a game because of it’s location and because of childish notions that everything remotely connected with America must be sh*t is just stupid”.

Anti-American sentiments were raised repeatedly. “Oh God, it’s going to be full of American propaganda about the Revolution, will be giving it a miss” says Sean Crawford. Dean Martin adds “I just wonder if Americans cannot play a game if it is not set in their own country? I know America provides a lot of sales, but surely game developers should be able to use a bit of imagination. Most top games now are set in America, be nice to have something a bit different”.

Past of the original charm of the Assassin’s Creed series was the freshness of it’s European setting. But not everyone sees the shift to the US friendly American Revolution as a disappointment. Christopher McDonald’s pro the idea, highlighting ”The American Revolution is a period of huge political turmoil both sides of the Atlantic, with a huge array of characters and battles that could fit in with the story. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Benjamin Franklin taking on some sort of ‘Da Vinci’ role”. HankBizzle adds “I think it’s excellent, it’s a period in time that has always really interested me and should make for a great game”.

America as a location is not without it’s place in the Assassin’s Creed lore either. Joe Murphy says “Bearing in mind all the internet conspiracy theories regarding Masonic symbology and the Templars in America (and let’s not forget Desmond and Abstergo are American) it seems like a logical step to me.

What do you think?