Aliens: Colonial Marines – new info and interview with Randy Pitchford

Aliens Colonial Marines

I spoke to Gearbox Software head Randy Pitchford recently about Aliens: Colonial Marines. In this interview he talks about pleasing the fans, making the shooter fit the films’ cannon and the inevitability of delays. He even opens up a bit about Duke Nukem and the Blade Runner game that never was. 

Official PlayStation Magazine UK With Aliens you’re playing with a franchise that has a strongly passionate fan base. Do you ever wake up at night in a cold sweat?

Randy Pitchford Being a passionate fan of the Alien series and knowing there are millions other passionate fans like me out there is what makes me really eager to get dressed and get to the studio each morning.

OPM Is it difficult to balance the legacy of the films with gameplay requirements? Enemy types, for example. You’ve already created a new type of alien. Do you have to weigh the pro and cons of changing something?

Randy Pitchford interviewRP We respect the films and have endeavoured to create the game in a way that can be considered part of the canon. 20th Century Fox has been considering our proposals and making decisions about approvals in a way that makes us confident they are considering our work as canon as well.

What this means is that we may logically add things, but we cannot be mutually exclusive with any of the key films. This has been a really interesting and engaging and rewarding experience for us – it’s one of the reasons why we wanted so much to get involved.

Some of the work we have done actually helps to make better sense of some things from the film that were ambiguous. Some of the work we have done has allowed for the introduction of new elements that add more depth or width to the franchise. It’s been extremely rewarding to be a part of it.

OPM Did you consider including any recognisable faces from the movie?

RP Several of the cast members from the original films have been involved. I don’t want to spoil anything that hasn’t been revealed yet, but I will say that it’s been an honor and a joy to work with people who were part of the original movies. (Info about Aliens: Colonial Marines cast has actually come to light since we spoke to Randy).