Wipeout 2048′s future: “new features, new ways to play, things we didn’t get time to do”

Wipeout 2048 PS Vita

During the recent PS Vita launch we had the chance to speak to Wipeout’s lead designer Karl Jones. Having previous spoken about not seeing Wipeout 2048′s release as a ‘one shot approach’ we wanted to find out more about what he meant by that. (Also check out our Wipeout 2048 PS Vita review if you want to know why more stuff is a good thing. ) 

Official PlayStation Magazine UK You mentioned in a previous interview that Wipeout’s release was not a one shot approach. Can you explain what that means?

KJ I guess it’s going to be patches and stuff. DLC always comes across as paid for content. We’re not obviously not going to just do paid for stuff, we’re going to do free stuff too. That’s largely going to be things we didn’t get time to do. For example, the AR museum.

We’re looking into other things to enhance the toolset of the game. So we’re looking on to custom controls, potentially some kind of multiplayer extension. We’ve got more stuff to support Cross Play, which I can’t announce anything about yet. So just lots of smaller different things that’ll be coming out in patches and obviously we’ve got bigger stuff coming out in DLC as well.

OPM So the game will change as things are added?

KJ Yeah, new features are going to be added, new ways to play. I can’t really talk about that now but the AR museum is a good example. We’ve shown it, it is coming, we just didn’t have to get it nailed before release. It’s just one of those things – you’ve got a list of so many thing you’ve got to do before a certain time and there’s a cut off point.

OPM So how does that affect the development? Do you have to plan to hang around after release?

KJ In terms of the stuff we didn’t get time to put in we didn’t plan that, you just assume there’s going to be some stuff we don’t get in and some people are going to have to hang back.

The team’s definitely smaller now and moving on to something else. We haven’t completely stripped it back to nobody there’s still a fairly substantial team there looking after, not only this game, but potential future projects in the same area.

OPM It’s an interesting concept to say this isn’t a final release but, say, the start of a release process.

KJ I think it’s going to happen a lot more now. Deadlines are strict, you’ve got to hit your dates, but there’s so much stuff that developers want to get into their games that some stuff got to get cut. The beauty of it now is that it’s not always cut forever. There’s DLC but there’s also free stuff you can patch in, stuff that’s 90% finished before launch that need that extra 10%, you can release that stuff for free.

Games are so massive now. It’s not like the PS1 where things were a lot smaller and there was less to go wrong. The beauty of it now is when you ship a disk you haven’t just cut off your game; you can continue to develop it.

It’s definitely going to happen. There’s always stuff that developers want to get in to the games that they don’t get time to do. The thing is now we can. Another way to look at it is that patches, updates, DLC and packs it a way to respond to feedback. If people are saying that they want this and that we can respond to it.