Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2, how to fix your Vita and Skyrim 1.4 patch: The PS3 video round up

Skyrim PS3 1.4 patch

And He-Man said: “I HAVE THE POWER… to banish Skyrim lag thanks to the 1.4 patch”. Yes, happily it seems most of Skyrim’s PS3 lag has been nuked by Bethesda’s patch. Why not read our Skyrim review and mentally add two points to the score in light of the framerate fix.

How to fix your PS Vita

Having problems with your swanky new PS Vita? Here’s some power button jiggery pokery tips to help if you’re trouble and shooting. We should also note our charming colleagues above are nowhere near as sinister as that lighting suggests.

FIFA Street tricks

It’s tricky, tricky, TRICKY! Sadly, there’s nary a hint of Run DMC in the above vid, although you can still enjoy the ball-juggling antics of Ibrahimovic and co. We’re totally turning around that four goal deficit next week, Zlat. If you’d like to acquire ‘black Messi’ in Street’s parent game, you should read our FIFA 12 Ultimate Team tips.