Metal Gear Solid 5, Starhawk beta tips & PS Vita competition: the weekly PlayStation News round up 24/2/12

Meta Gear Solid 5

Here’s this week’s essential round up of everything PlayStation. As you might guess there’s plenty of PS Vita stuff: including a chance to win one and a round up of PS Vita reviews. Then there’s Metal Gear Solid 5, some Starhawk beta tips and loads more. Make sure you don’t miss out.


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Whether it’s Metal Gear Solid 5 or Project OGRE, Hideo Kojima is sticking girls in a 3D scanner for some reason.

Check out ALL the games’ scores in our PS Vita review round up.

See the pics from the PS Vita’s midnight launch this week.

Now it’s live for everyone here are our StarHawk beta tips: the things you have to do.

Bought a PS Vita this week? How many of these affectations are you now suffering from: Things that are now a thing because of the PS Vita.

Weekend Essentials 114 – Your one stop info shop for PS Vita, Syndicate, Binary Domain, SSX, StarHawk and more.

Discover cross-play in WipEout - Studio Liverpool’s senior designer Karl Jones explains Wipeout 2048′s Cross Play features on PS Vita.

Jak and Daxter: The story so far – with the original games remastered in HD get up to speed with the backstory

Download six sensational PS Vita demos - get a tast of Uncharted: Golden Abyss, FIFA Football, Wipeout 2048, Dynasty Warriors Next, ModNation Racers: Road Trip, and Unit 13

Trophy Cabinet: Battlefield 3 – crowd sourced tips for cleaning out EA’s shooter’s cups.


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Win a PS Vita – watch a video, answer a question, get a chance to win. Easy. There’s one to win everyday until the 28th.

Jak And Daxter HD – a word from Naughty Dog founder Even Wells and a video on the return of the big eared hero and his Ostel sidekick.

StarHawk Beta – videos, tips, maps and more from producer  Florence Kum

Unit 13 trophies - there’s over 40 trophies to snag in Unit 13. Here’s a teaser of what’s on offer along with a new video.

Andy House interview – President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment talks Vita, prices and the future.