Things that are now a thing because of PS Vita


Fantastical home redecoration

Vita’s augmented reality features – which, say, allow you to use your table top as a battle arena in Reality Fighters, using the machine’s rear-facing camera – are great and all, but there’s one problem. After years of being used to beautiful video game production design, your living room won’t be exciting enough. Do not be surprised when you go round to your friend’s house and find his downstairs loo decked out like Shao Kahn’s weapon chamber.


Becoming really spatially aware on public transport

So you’re lining up a string of sniping shots. You need to make a swift turn to swing your sights around to your next target. Fine with an analogue stick, but you’re using Vita’s in-built Sixaxis motion controls. So the Vita, the eyes that are looking at it, and the hands, arms and upper-torso that are all involved in holding it have to swing round too. And you’re on a crowded bus. And now the old lady who was previously sitting next to you is on the floor. And your excuse of “But I had to kill that guy” really doesn’t make the situation any better.


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