Things that are now a thing because of PS Vita

Turning into a crazy spy with Near

Alternatively, because other Vita players pop up on a Metal-Gear-style radar, you could get immediate stealth game flashbacks in heavily-populated areas and drop immediately into full-on Solid Snake mentality on instinct. You’ll end up plotting your route so as to track other players without getting too close to anyone, paranoically eyeing up every passer-by for signs of a Vita-shaped bag bulge. Are they the one? Are they stalking you too!?

Go home, sit down, have a nice cup of tea and think about what you’re doing.


Socially networked boss-fights

Prepare for a significantly decreased attention span and one hell of a lot more garbled game chatter from your friends. You see with Vita you can swap from game to Facebook and Twitter – and then back again – in seconds. Expect your feeds to fill up with real-time requests for advice at particularly difficult fire fights, and the more narcissistic denizens of the world’s social networks to live-update every… single… thing… they… do… while… playing.

“Picked up a gun. LOL.”

“Picked up another gun. LOL”

“Shot a dude. LOL”.



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