Things that are now a thing because of PS Vita


Futilely expecting every screen you see to work like Vita

Seriously. Vita’s main menu touchscreen interface is so good to use that it becomes addictive. It’s like a bluer, sexier, more fluid XMB, that you flick around with your mere fingertips. You can even stretch and squish bits of it for no good reason other than that doing so is awesome. But it’s all just so instinctive that you’ll get used to its decadence far too quickly. Once we all do, there will be huge queues at cash machines nationwide, as hordes of disappointed people vainly play and poke, expecting similarly rewarding results.


‘Going a bit Skyrim’ with Near

You know how you always start playing Skyrim with a clear intention or goal, but then get distracted by so many that-thing-over-theres and instances of “Ooh that looks interesting, let’s check it out” that you end up trekking for hours and never achieving anything that you actually planned? Once Near starts pointing out nearby Vita owners and the in-game loot they’ve dropped for you, that very same explorative gaming OCD will ruin your very real life. You’ll get the bus into town, pull out your Vita, and suddenly it will be midnight, you’ll need to be up for work in eight hours, and you’ll be seventy miles from home.


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