More PS4 news: AMD may be working on chips for Sony’s ‘unannounced console’


Forbes report that ‘former AMD employees’ are claiming Sony have an “as-yet-unannounced new gaming console” and that the chip manufacturer are designing components. It pours a bucket of rumour gas on the constant ’will they won’t they’ PS4 at E3 announcement fire.  

Both Sony and AMD are refusing to comment unsurprisingly. Interestingly Forbes mention the PS3′s current use of Nvidia graphics tech for some reason. Forbes are either assuming that’s what AMD are working on or know something. AMD make all sorts of chips although they’re big on merging CPUs and GPUs at the moment.

Previously, trade paper MCV claimed PS4 would be announced at E3 although Kazuro Hirai soon stated that “we are not making any PS4 announcements at E3“. SCE’s CTO Masaaki Tsuruta has also said in an interview that “some of the things we want are still five years away [from development]“.

Tsuruta also mentioned “We are looking at an architecture where the bulk of processing will still sit on the main board, with CPU and graphics added to by more digital signal processing and some configurable logic.” That combined chip architecture does sound a lot like what AMD are up to at the moment with things like their Fusion and Bobcat processors.

Thanks Forbes, MCV and E&T