PS Vita UK launch night


So that’s it. The PS Vita is now on sale in the UK. Some people had been queueing since Sunday to ensure their place at the front. In the end Zohaib Ali was customer number one (that’s him up there). He snagged a Vita as well as a massive home cinema set up, a stack of games and a few other goodies for his patience.

Ali said it was “worth the wait” and that he was “looking forward to playing Wipeout 2048 and Uncharted: Golden Abyss”.

Those that stuck out the queue for the midnight launch were rewarded with pizza before the shutter went up and the buying could begin.

Ali Tarighi, one of the other early adopters had this to say: “It’s not just a portable you can pick up and play, it’s a console. I’m hoping it’ll be a much more immersive experience. If I want a pick up and play game I’ll play on my phone.”

Members of the Wipeout 2048 dev team were on hand to sign people’s Vitas and both senior vice president of Worldwide Studios Europe, Michael Denny, and Sony’s new UK and Ireland VP, Fergal Gara, were at the scene to see the first consoles go on sale. We’ll have interviews from them both up in the next day or so.