Michael Denny on the PS Vita’s UK launch, Japanese sales and Sony’s multiplatform future

OPM Do you think it needs a Monster Hunter  in Japan?

MD Every platform needs, at some point, that defining title, that breakthrough title. I think what we have here, for launch in Europe, is not only a great quantity but also a great a quality of launch titles. Personally, in terms of launch line ups I think it’s one of the strongest launch line ups there’s ever been. History tells us that developers get stronger and stronger with platforms as they go on. So my hope and belief is that we’ll have even stronger titles to come.

OPM Would you say Uncharted is the stand out title here?

MD I think Uncharted is a great shout for a stand out title. In terms of the system we have it shows off the graphical capabilities of the machine, the processing power, but also the interface of the machine – the first time we’ve got twin sticks on a device for an action adventure with shooting in it. It plays fantastically.

There’s lots of innovation using the new interfaces as well. It’s not just about Uncharted. There’s Wipeout in the mix as well, Everybody’s Golf. There’s new IPs like Escape Plan, Little Deviants, all trying to do different things. And not to forget third party game, how could I: FIFA at launch, Formula 1 at launch. It’s a great mix of software.

OPM Something of Vita’s size can now create a PS3 sized experience, what does that say for the future?

MD I think it’s a really exciting point for gamers now they’ve got in their hands something of PlayStation 3 quality. But the other point there I think is a really important thing about PlayStation now is that we have a PlayStation ecosystem: a high-end home console and a high-end portable console that really talk to each other. Cross-Play is going to be massive for both these platforms. Not just for simultaneously online Cross Play, but the ability to save between platforms; start games on your home console, save, then carry on with your portable console and share content between them as well.

OPM I spoke to another developer who mentioned the idea of games not being a single format entity but more of a service available over a range of devices, is that a possible future?

MD Well that’s absolutely the case. We’ve already announced PlayStation Suite and that is about certifying the device, non-PlayStation devices even non-Sony devices where we can get the world of PlayStation – albeit maybe not in terms of the rich immersive content you get on the full high end PlayStation systems – but content that’s PlayStation in brand that can get to wider audiences so we’re absolutely open to that.

OPM So could we see one game played over multiple systems?

MD Absolutely right. You look at some of the powerful PlayStation experience we have. Now, taking that full PlayStation experience to other devices may not translate as well but you can do something with that that introduces people to the world PlayStation in a more interesting way, that’s appealing and suitable to that client’s device.