Metal Gear Solid 5 announced? Kojima and Big Boss want YOU for their latest stealth ‘em up

metal gear solid 5 announced

“You there, boy! What day is this,” asked the crotchety, excitable old games journalist. “Today? Why, ’tis Christmas Day, sir,” replied a plucky young street urchin by the name of Hideo Kojima. While it might not actually be a brisk, presents-opening morn in December, it sure feels that way, after Kojima Productions seemingly confirmed Metal Gear Solid 5 through a job listing last night.

It all kicked off on Twitter yesterday, when Kojima – seemingly taking a break from posting endless images of pasta – tweeted a link to Kojima Productions job site.

The Metal Gear Solid developer will be in attendance for the annual Game Developers Conference in San Francisco between March 5-9, where they’ll have a stall all ready and waiting to try and lure talented games makers to their latest project. Rather than trying to tap up fellow devs with underhand Jose Mourinho ice cream-buying, the front page of their new employment side should be all the seduction any game engineers or environmental artists need.

Yup, it’s only a ruddy brand new Metal Gear Solid. Feel free to insert your own schoolgirl squeals of uber excitement.

This revelation was further backed up by tweets from the official Kojima Productions account and senior producer Ken-inchiro Imaizumi.

Click on the website (make sure you plump for the English-speaking version) and you’ll be presented with the following plea…

The thing that immediately struck us was the ‘high-end consoles’ bit. Whatever this new MGS-focused title is, it’s clearly not going to be a Peace Walker-style handheld spin-off. However, even though it seems all but confirmed this new project will be the first proper Metal Gear since 2008′s Guns Of The Patriots, it’s not necessarily MGS5.

Solid Snake’s story came to a fairly definitive end in the last game and the conscription-esque poster for Kojima’s site is fronted by his old man, Big Boss. Seeing as he looks roughly the same age as he does in Peace Walker, we’d guess this new Metal Gear will be yet another prequel.

Of course, even if it is set before the events of the last PS3 adventure, it could still sport the 5 in its title. After all, Snake Eater was a prequel, yet still had Metal Gear Solid 3 in its moniker.

With the majority of characters in Guns Of The Patriots’ tales pretty much wrapped up (we’re looking at Meryll, Raiden, Ocelot etc.), we suspect the next MGS could boast an entirely new cast with a look at creating a new story arc to run over several games.

At any rate, whether Kojima’s new project is Metal Gear Solid 5 or Metal Gear Acid 3 (everyone loves baffling Snake-related card games, right?) you can officially colour us absurdly excited. Let us know your knows on the future of Metal Gear below, gentle readers.