The PS2 games we need on PSN now

Timesplitters 2

Fierce, frenetic and often pretty funny too this is the game that had us sat round for that fizzy pop fuelled ‘one-more-go’ until the late hours. The split-screen deathmatch may have been usurped in the COD/Battlefield era but monkey butlers and bots go a long way in our eyes.




From the wildly creative Designer/Writer Tim Schafer, Psychonauts is a fierce blast of platforming action. The main action takes place inside the various twisted minds of the characters (one of which is a fish) with each one shifting the gameplay; bold and unique stuff.



Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4

The finest entry in the Persona series of games is a slice of J-RPG oddness with enough personal issues among its cast for a season of Jeremy Kyle shows. It might look like the anime Midsomer Murders on peyote but this is epic storytelling at its finest.




If ever a game deserved a full HD makeover it’s Capcom’s under-appreciated wolf painting odyssey, Okami. Controlling a white wolf and a god-like paintbrush might sound odd but this is an inspired and unique game ripe for a revisit.




Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3

It was the first entry on the PS2 and the last great Tony Hawks game we would see. Tricks may have become never ending dreams we performed in Area 51 dressed as Wolverine but the game is rammed with features and the control system is still perfect.



Tourist Trophy

Gran Turismo’s two-wheeled brother saw Digital Polyphony let loose on the hogs. Whilst it might seem limited compared to its four-wheeled forefather there has been no better bike racing sim before or since, add a HD lick and we’d be purring like a Kawasaki Ninja.