The PS2 games we need on PSN now


As a clutch of PS2 games landed on PSN last week we lost ourselves in misty eyed reminisces about the good times we had with our old boxy friend.  But because we’re never satisfied with anything that we’ve been given we’ve decided to whip up a list of PS2 games we’d like to see given the full treatment and brought over to the PS3. Obviously we’re skipping anything that’s already had or is having a HD makeover (sorry Snake) but there’s still a wealth of talent in them there vaults.

GTA: Vice City

Step into a pair of wicker espadrilles with a pink shirt/white suit combo and scream into the sunset listening Crockett’s theme. Expanding everything from GTA III without the San Andreas bloat, this was living and it had the best tunes of the lot.





Strip down the FPS to its bare essentials and then juice those essentials until you have one adrenaline pumped, from A to B, if it moves shoot it, grab the medikit, reload, unleash hell, bullet porn thing of beauty. Black is simple, effective and brutal.





Use the headset and Manhunt is hands down, the most atmospheric game on the PS2. With Brian Cox’s drawl worming into your head like a particularly nasty virus, you have to kill your way through a snuff movie nightmare experience. Dirty deeds, done damn well.



Mark of Kri

Violent cartoons are the best and Mark of Kri pulls no punches with the skull cracking goodness. Innovatively mapping contextual attacks to the face buttons, Kri was criminally overlooked but the game plays fresher than many a modern hack’n’slash.




Killer 7

Games which divide opinion are a good thing, it means they’re trying. Killer 7 is possibly the most divisive and difficult to describe of them all. It’s an on-rails detective shooter thingy featuring a green skinned gimp who isn’t the weirdest character.