Official PlayStation Magazine UK: new issue on sale now


As February’s bitter reign draws to an end, not only do you get to walk outside without having your face sandblasted off by freezing wind, you get a brand new issue of Official PlayStation Magazine, too! So it was worth surviving the winter for another year, after all. Since the new issue’s in shops now, let’s take a peek inside it.

On the cover this month was ultraviolent open-worlder Prototype 2. Can it build on the original game to deliver the city-terrorising, tank-punching, helicopter-throwing goods? We investigate.There’s also a trash-tastic rundown of the 13 games so bad you have to try, all of which promise a sure-fire hit of unintentional comedy and a newfound appreciation for 7/10 games.

And with PS Vita being very much the techy words on everybody’s lips right now, we give you an encyclopaedic run-down of the new handheld in our A-Z of Vita feaure. That’s on top of all the usual unrivalled preview access and definitive reviews of the latest games, naturally.

We go to frozen Canada to load up on exclusive Prototype 2 info, and ponder the superhero sandbox romp’s chances against the big boys – Batman: Arkham City and co. One thing’s for sure – new protagonist Heller’s powers make him great at making human-jam.


Louise Blain teaches you the alphabet according to Vita in our comprehensive look at Sony’s new portable. Tech specs, control methods, big games, essential kit – it’s all covered. If it’s more Vita gaming info you’re after, check out our complete PS Vita launch title game lineup.

We’ve also got all the gory details on Hitman Absolution. Nobody wants this game to live up to the series’ former glories like Leon Hurley, so he suited up and met IO interactive to grill them on Absolution’s direction, and observe the game in action.

Don’t fancy the paper edition? Head over to Apple Newsstand and you can now pick up a digital copy of Official PlayStation Magazine UK for £3.99. There’s also a range of offers for 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions. You can also get Official PlayStation Magazine UK on Zinio too, so there’s a vertiable wealth of electronic ways to enjoy OPM.