Hideo Kojima’s Project OGRE seems heavy on the bikinis…


[Update: Hideo Kojima's now hiring for his next project saying 'Big Boss wants you! The "next" MGS'. I guess that's what he meant when he begrudgingly admitted of Metal Gear Solid 5, "We'll have to make it".]

Whatever Hideo Kojima’s next game is, it seems to involve bikini soldiers. He’s been tweeting a series of pictures mentioning “experimenting” with 3D capture. Presumably it’s something to do with his new FOX Engine and the mystery Project OGRE. The technology tests also seem to involve a girl in a bikini because everyone knows it’s the only way to test full body scans. 

Kojima Productions’ programmer Lionel is back, playing “Surprised scientist no 1″ having been previously wheeled out to show FOX Engine’s avatar creation system. Where it gets… odd is the use of that girl in a bikini. She also gets dressed up in several pounds of military gear and waves a gun about but it’s the beachwear that sticks in your mind because it seems so… superfluous. Although Koj has shown off the tech’s cloth transparency in the past, specifically the ability to see girls’ bra straps through their cloths.