PS Vita’s launch titles: puzzle/hybrid game roundup

Rayman Origins PS Vita

We’ve already covered all the sports, racing, action and fighting games headed for the Vita at launch – which is in two days. Two days! Anway, focus. There’s a final pocket of games yet to be exmanined, and it contains some of the most exciting, innovative and intruiging titles Vita has to offer – welcome to puzzle/hybrid corner, home to games like Little Deviants, Touch My Katamari, Rayman Origins, and more.

Little Deviants (SCEE)

Kicking off our collection of oddball titles is this arcade/platform/puzzle fusion, which rigorously and exhaustively shows off Vita’s new rear touchpad control. Fine as a tech demo, not so great as a game you’d want to spend anything more than ten frustrated minutes with, as our own Louise Blain found out – read her Official PlayStation Magazine Little Deviants review to find out why the deviants need punishing.

Touch My Katamari (Namco Bandai)

The only way you’d have missed playing a Katamari game at some point in the last few years is if you were yourself caught up in one of the eponymous giant sticky balls and were forced to roll around the world with only bedroom clutter and lawn furniture for company. Vita’s Katamari offering features (yep) front and rear touch control. Guide your rolling mess around with the screen, squeeze and stretch it with the rear pad to fit through awkward gaps.

Escape Plan (SCEE)

Black and white is the new black for indie puzzle games, and this gruesome cartoon puzzler ain’t gonna rock that boat. Escape Plan has more going for it than sexy visuals though, packing some of the most intuitive touch controls around. Both touchpads and the gyroscope are exploited to guide the two playable characters Li and Larg around its macabre world. This is one to get excited about.

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