Uncharted’s Black Market, Darkness 2 tips and Skyrim lag: the weekly PlayStation News round up 17/2/12

The Darkness 2 PS3 review

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Uncharted: Golden Abyss Opens The Black Market – To make it a little easier to collect all the Bounties, we created The Black Market.

Jak And Daxter Trilogy Retrospective With Naughty Dog – Check out this a video highlighting some of the favorite memories, trials and tribulations while working on the franchise!

Far Cry 3: A Look Behind the Scenes of a Mo-Cap Studio – Every mo-cap scene in an Ubisoft game starts on a small stage, 15 by 8 metres long, 4 metre high and with room for six to eight actors and 60(!) cameras.

A Re-Introduction To The World Of Binary Domain – The narrative focus of the game is thus: the world is a much different place in the year 2080!

Sleeping Dogs Mission Walkthrough – Here’s your undercover mission…


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Skyrim director Todd Howard admits Bethesda knew about Skyrim’s PS3 lag problems.

Here are five PlayStation games that deserve a kickstart funded sequel

Here’s a ton of new Resident Evil 5 info and screens.

Want to find out more about the PS Vita Rooms? Here’s shots from the launch party.

Find out all about the latest open world crime shooter with this Sleeping Dogs PS3 video preview.



Weekend Essentials 113 - Step inside the Octagon on PS3 this weekend, download the Mass Effect 3 demo from PlayStation Store and prepare for the coming of PlayStation Vita.

Put your questions to Shuhei Yoshida, president of SCE Worldwide Studios and win a copy of MotorStorm RC.

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First look: Far Cry 3 – Discover why choice is your key to surviving trouble in paradise on PlayStation 3.

Top Tips: The Darkness 2 - Master the darkness and battle the Brotherhood in style with these enlightening tips from Digital Extremes lead designer, Tom Galt.