Sony developers making “so many exciting games. Many haven’t been announced”

OPM So the PS Vita is now capable of doing a PS3 level experience. Essentially a PS3 experience can fit in a Vita sized box. What does that say about the  next generation?

PR I wish I knew. In terms of Evolution and what we’re doing right now, we’re completely focused on RC and what we can do with the DLC in the Future. Next gen? People are talking about it, it’s going to be exciting. The future is going to be exciting. We’re just not there yet in terms of where we’re going to step to next. It’s going to be a big leap. And we hope it’s going to be a big leap, but we’re not there yet.

I think for 2012 we’ve got a huge, exciting year. There’s The Last Of Us, that’s just going to be phenomenal, there’s Twisted Metal next week. There’s a huge range of exclusives still coming out for the PS3, then there’s the Vita with a huge range of exclusive as well. I’m not thinking about upgrading to whatever’s next.

OPM Jim Ryan has talked about PS3 not yet hitting the same price point as when PS2 really took off, do you think the peak has yet to come?

PR I think that was eight years into its lifecycle. I think the PS3 has a lot of legs left in it yet. I don’t think people should dismiss it right now. There are so many exclusive developers working for Sony right now, making really exciting games and I don’t many of those have been announced yet. As proved with the PS2 I don’t think the technological barriers are pushed quite until the last minute. I think The Last Of Us, when they announced that trailer was all in engine, I think people were wowed by that and rightly so. Those guys are incredibly talented.

OPM So can you take advantage of that? Do all the Sony studios still share tech?

PR We have a lot of internal technology groups that work with each other. For example, with MotorStorm Apocalypse and Pacific Rift, we used a lot of Sony developed internal technologies. If Naughty Dog innovate and produce something really good that’ll proliferate through the streams and we’ll get access to that technology, and we’ll be able to out that into our games.

It’s difficult though sometimes because technology isn’t always compatible. People usually build things in isolation, they won’t always think about how you might want to implement in their games. People will develop different technologies but it won’t always be applicable for your game.

Sony do work together well as a worldwide studio. The results you see from internal studios is that we always get the best out of the platform. That’s partly because we know the platform the best and also we collaborate as developers.

OPM What sort stuff filters though? A shader here? A more efficient renderer here?

PR That’s not far off the truth at all. We have an internal developer network and we get to share techniques and approaches to certain things. At any point we can have direct contacts with all the different studios so if we’re struggling with a certain thing we can ask, ‘how did you approach that?’ The pilosphy is Sony is a worldwide studio and we have to collaborate inorder to innovate and produce the best games on the market.