PS Vita’s launch titles: racing game roundup

Wipeout 2048 PS Vita

Wow, it’s really not long now until PS Vita launches in the UK – February 22nd, in fact. As that date races towards us, let’s check out the Vita’s racing games lineup at launch. From sim to arcade, drifting to precision braking, F1 cars to hover-racers, the launch titles have racing pretty well covered.

ModNation Racers: Road Trip (SCEE)

A happy-go-lucky racer powered by user-generated content, this is basically LittleBigPlanet: the kart racer. Except it isn’t, because now that game actually exists. Anyway, the premise is insanely similar, so you get the jist. Drift to fill your boost meter, collect weapons to pwn rival racers, make your own tracks and beat everybody at them.

Ridge Racer (Namco Bandai)

It’s as drifty as it ever was, but it’s looking doubtful that RR’s sideways car action will offset a paltry selection of five cars and just three tracks. Apparently DLC will flesh those figures out – for extra cost, of course – but don’t hold out much hope for this one – there’ll be better Vita racers to hang with.

MotorStorm RC (SCEE)

The concept – drive remote control cars around, basically, the set of Mad Max. The graphics – an odd mix of detailed tracks and fairly rudimentary cars. the controls – more Micro Machines than Motorstorm. The chances? Let’s just wait and see, shall we? Probably not by buying it on day one though.

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