5 PlayStation games we need to kickstart

KIck start ps

In a gaming world increasingly dominated by lens flare and safe-bet sequels, it came as a beautiful surprise when madcap creative ace Tim Schafer managed to beg the budget for his next game the pockets of his fan base. A staunch supporter of old school point-and-click adventures, Schafer has given lift off to a project no publisher would dare touch. In celebration, we’ve cobbled together a list of classic games from PlayStation’s back catalogue we’d love to see reborn through crowd sourced funds.

Vagrant Story

With its curious mish-mash of action and JRPG tropes, Vagrant Story was a stonking fantasy romp hauled along by a meandering narrative and a one-man-army hero sporting a leather thong. Maybe the constant view of Ashley Riot’s butt-cheeks was why it sold about seven copies in the UK then, but it deserves a remake for being so original, engrossing and downright gorgeous.