Resident Evil 6 new info: controls revamped. New character “someone young people can relate to”


[Update: there's even more info from Capcom added]

Doesn’t that phrase just fill you with dread? “Someone young people can relate to.” They’re going to chew gum aren’t they? And call one of the other characters ’old man’ at some point. The new Resident Evil 6 info’s in this week’s Japanese mag Famitsu. As well as mentioning the new third character it says the game is 50% complete and aiming to be “The greatest volume in series’ history”. We’ll be the judge of that. There’s a load of interesting plot info as well that expands on the Resident Evil 6 trailer.

The most interesting plot fact is that the zombies seen in the trailer aren’t traditional T-virus zombies. Instead they are the product of something else. Producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi has previously said Resident Evil 6′s zombies are atypical saying “We have dropped hints in the trailer as to how the zombies in this game are different and present a new challenge to the player, and we will go into more detail on this soon.” According to Capcom these new zombies are brighter and some have figured out how to use weapons.

New enemy the J’avo are also detailed. They’re named after the Serbian word for “demon” and are like a more dangerous zombie. They can talk and coordinate attacks as well as mutate when they regenerate from injuries. The trailer showed a creature with a huge tentacle arm that Capcom explain is the result of damage. The implication is that enemies can mutate and change as you hurt them, shifting the combat dynamic as you play.

One of the aims of this instalment is to “Bring back the feeling of horror” although it isn’t apparently an attempt to return to the series’ roots. The control have been changed to make the game “enjoyable to control” although the changes don’t sound huge. Famitsu says “You’ll be able to move slowly left and right while holding your gun, and perform such moves as 180 degree turn, quick front/back/side evade, covering and so-forth.” That said, the latest update from Capcom states clearly that you’ll be able to move and shoot.

There’s also a ton of new character info. Chris Redfield is apparently in the fictional Chinese town of Lanshiang which joins the other game’s location Twin Oaks as the site of a major monster outbreak. The story takes place in 2013 and Chris is haunted by some personal trauma that occured prior to the game’s story.

Leon is working for the government again having been recruited by Adam Benford, the zombified President you see getting shot in the trailer. He’s also backed up again by his Field Operations Support officer from Resi 4, Ingrid Hunnigan. His partner Helena Harper is another government agent who’s apparently responsible for the latest outbreak. Bad Helena. Bad.

The mystery man is still a mystery with no info beyond the fact that’s he’s a mercenary that could potentially save the world but is more interested in money.

Thanks Andriasang and Capcom.