ModNation Racers: Road Trip VS WipEout 2048 – PS Vita review head-to-head

wipeout 2048 review modnation vita review

We pit the two Sony racers against each other on Vita’s starting grid. The question is, can a cutesy karter keep up with the blisteringly fast, futuristic speed demon? Find out, as we give you a WipEout 2048 review and a ModNation Racers: Road Trip review in one convenient head-to-head. Our future dollar’s on the one with all the quantum levitation.



LittleBigPlanet on four wheels. The tiny material men might have been jettisoned, but ModNation rocks the same sparkling creation tools as the 2D platformer. Plus it packs in the most exhaustive course designer we’ve ever seen.


Quantum levitation condensed into racing form. Or, in non scientician speak, b*stard bloody fast future hovercraft grand prix goodness. Being the year 2048, this acts as WipEout’s origin point, meaning craft design is less advanced.



Blighted with pop-up and blurry, Road Trip appears to have smeared Vaseline over Vita’s incredi OLED screen. Quite the dubious achievement, seeing as it makes WipEout so sharp you’d think you were playing on God’s own plasma.


Every inch like a top tier PS3 game. Boasts catwalk good looks that easily rival PSN’s WipEout HD… just nix the size zero chic for searingly pretty lighting, a carbonite solid framerate and gorgeous colours. A real treat for the eye holes.