Darksiders 2: The PS3 games it wants to be

darksiders 2

If imitation is the highest form of flattery then Darksiders II is going all out to woo the frilly knickers off some of PlayStation’s biggest titles. And from what we’ve seen so far it’s doing a damn fine job. Here are the games Darksiders II wishes it was.

God Of War

God of War III

OK, so we’ll start with the obvious one. You’d think that Death could just swoop over and touch anyone he wanted to turn into worm food, but apparently this ‘re-imagining’ has taken away what is perhaps Death’s greatest asset and replaced it with customisable weapons and guns (more about the guns later). Enter combo strings and short-to-long-range weapon switching along with a handful of QTE ‘finishers’ and you have a combat system which Kratos himself would be proud of.

The GOW love doesn’t end there, however. Remember the Cyclops Kratos could climb onto and use to fight off smaller enemies? Well, Darksiders II has ‘Constructs’ – huge stone objects that, once activated, Death can ride to reach previously inaccessible areas or just use to pummel the demons into dust. Sound familiar?

Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry

Yeah, Death has a gun now. And it seems that he’s been down the shooting range with our friend Dante – who has spent some time in the demon world himself. Death can use his guns to attack enemies from a safe distance before switching to more effective ‘close quarter’ weaponry. We also wouldn’t be surprised to see Death using his scythe to launch his opponents into the air before using his bullets to ‘juggle’ his prey. It would appear that even Death can strike deals with the devil.