PS Vita’s launch titles: sports game roundup

FIFA 12 Vita

A few days ago we gave you the heads-up on PS Vita’s complete launch line up, so now we’re going to delve a bit deeper and look at each game in-depth.  Today, it’s sports titles. Change into your PE kits and non-marking trainers, and let’s take a look at FIFA Football, Virtua Tennis 4, Top Darts, and Everybody’s Golf.

FIFA Football (EA)

EA’s all-conquering foot-to-ball series comes to Vita, bringing with it much of the meat from FIFA 12 on PS3. Be A Pro, Goalkeeper and Career modes have all made the jump to handheld, though it looks like massively addictive Ultimate Team mode won’t make the cut.

Both rear touch pad and the touch screen controls are implemented for shooting, passing, player selection and set pieces. Other than that, FIFA Football’s looking like a fairly straightforward PS3 to Vita conversion. A good thing.

Virtua Tennis 4 (SEGA)

It’s a similar story to FIFA Football for SEGA’s arcade racket-to-ball title – PS3 game + touch controls = Vita game. 22 grunting, sweaty players and 33 stadiums will all be at your disposal, along with the standard career mode and 10 mini-games.

This one’s boasting full-touch-screen control and includes a two-player mode called Touch Versus. Sounds tricky, but it’s good to see a game go out on a limb and really commit to Vita’s features. The proof will be in the tennis pudding  (that sounds disgusting).

Virtua Tennis 4 Vita trailer

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