6 Things I wish I’d known before playing The Darkness II

The Darkness II

We know you’re keen to slip on the well-tailored suit of Jackie Estacado and unleash The Darkness to slice and dice your enemies, but before you do here’s a selection of tips and tricks we put together to help you get the most out the experience.

1. How to unlock new Talents fast


The first Talent you gain is the ability to eat the hearts of your defeated foes, which gives you a useful health boost. This also awards Essence which is used to unlock new Talents, so do it whenever you get the opportunity and not just when your health is low. Keep an eye out for Relics too as these provide a large Essence boost for each one collected, by grabbing hearts and Relics you’ll be unlocking new Talents in no time.

2. How to get one-hit kills every time


Look out for glowing items which can be picked up and used as projectiles, as these provide one-hit kills against all but the toughest of assailants, saving you time and bullets. Scaffolding poles and pool cues are great for impaling enemies onto walls, which are some of the most satisfying kills in the game, and extractor fan blades, shields and even car doors can be skimmed through the air to slice unsuspecting goons in two.

3. How to perform the best executions


Jackie starts off with the ability to perform basic executions, but you should focus on unlocking the other three execution variants through Talent upgrades as soon as possible as these will award you with extra ammo, provide a shield and quickly recharge your powers. Of course the execution everyone is most interested in is the infamous ‘Assecution’ – this is one of several performed through the shield execution, so repeat this move a few times and you should see it in all it’s gory… sorry, glory.

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