The PS3 trophies every self-respecting PS3 gamer should have


What makes a PS3 trophy essential? With an average of least fifty precious metals hiding somewhere in each game, that tinging noise  sends us into treasure hunting mode like Drake when he sees jewellery that’s been around for a bit.  But which PS3 trophies  get you the ultimate gaming respect? Obviously the hundreds of hours that go into Skyrim trophies mean that you earn some kind of knighthood with every victorious addition to the cabinet even if you had to use a guide. The same goes for Uncharted as you hammer through the game on crushing difficulty to achieve that shining platinum. Read on for our choice picks of the essential trophies that every hardcore gamer should feel proud to display on that podium.

Endangered Species (Silver) – GTA IV

Shoot all 200 pigeons scattered across Liberty City to nab yourself this collectors nightmare of a silver (Yes, silver. Naughty Rockstar). Sure you’ll be able to hear them but there’s no way you’ll be finishing this without a map. We can’t guarantee you won’t feel slightly bad by the 150th cooing dove but just keep your eyes on the prize and remind yourself that they spread disease – DISEASE I tells you.

It’s Not Easy Being Green (Gold) – Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

64 Kerotan Frogs lie waiting to be found in MGS 3. Collect 64 frogs? Of course, you say, that can’t be so hard, the last trophy had 200 pigeons!  Alas, it’s 64 missable frogs. Croaking in the grass, you need to make sure you find these before progressing through the game. Combine this fiendish gold with the rest of the wildlife hunts required for platinum and you have a serious patience tester on your hands. How many times are you willing to reset your game for that one croaking amphibian you missed two hours ago?

Beat Zico (Gold) – Wipeout HD

The hardest trophy in an unforgiving set, Wipeout challenges you to beat developer, Zico Liu. It’s a matter of equalling or beating his lap time of 30.82 seconds with the specific set up of the Anulpha Pass (Forward), Speed Lap, Venom using the Piranha. A perfect lap is necessary and many just haven’t been able to cut it. With YouTube videos demoing the precise angles and boosts to take, this is a challenge that once completed will be celebrated for a long time.

Perfect Knight – Day 2 (Gold) – Batman: Arkham City

Oh for a Bat plat. In order to get there you’ll have to claim this as your own. Complete every challenge in Arkham City. That’s the main story, side missions, upgrades, collectables, new game plus AND Riddlers Revenge. That’s all 419 riddler trophies and their fiendish movement puzzles to free them from their snares. Add that to the entire story mode once again and you are in for a very long Knight.