The Darkness 2 PS3 gameplay: the first 25 minutes of ripping and tearing

The Darkness 2

Forget trailers, we’ve got a 25 minute video of The Darkness 2 gameplay in action. Nearly half an hour of PS3 gameplay from pressing start to transforming into a heart-eating, people-slicing angel of death. (We’ve also got a Darkness 2 prologue to explain the backstory if you missed the first game). There’s even some of the power ups and character progression skill tree in there too. It looks excellent, with quad wielding letting you crush, impale, cut and shoot your way through an army of willing victims. I say ‘willing’, I mean ‘unable to run away fast enough’. Should get you worked up ahead of The Darkness 2′s February 10th release date. 

The Darkness 2 PS3 gameplay trailer. 25 minutes of ripping and tearing.