The Last Of Us, PS Vita, Resident Evil 6 and Aliens: the weekly PlayStation News round up


Weekend Essentials 111 - The FINAL FANTASY and SOUL CALIBUR series return to PS3 this weekend, whilst a brand new edition of our Level Up quiz celebrates the upcoming launch of PS Vita.
First look: Darksiders II - Find out what it’s like to play as the unlikeliest hero on PlayStation 3.
Augmented reality on PS Vita - Bring the world into play with PlayStation Vita and dramatically change the world around you using augmented reality…
The features of PlayStation Vita - Take a look at the revolutionary features of PlayStation Vita that will change the way you play on the go.

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The Weekend Debate: Caption This - Snake’s talking to a monkey. Or is it the other way around?
Randy Pitchford Talks Aliens: Colonial Marines Release Date, Prometheus Possibilities.
MotorStorm RC: Video Run-Through Of Competitive Online Play.
Making Of: The Last Of Us Announcement Trailer.

Official PlayStation Magazine UK
PS Vita pre-order guide: the cheapest prices, best bundles
Resident Evil 6 characters: who can, and who can’t come back?
The Last Of Us’ Joel is “a violent thug, a brutal killer and a torturer”
SoulCalibur 5′s top cheaty tips – tactics to always win.
Things I wish I’d known before I started playing Final Fantasy XIII-2