SoulCalibur 5′s top cheaty tactics – how to make sure you always win


Soulcalibur V is a fighting masterpiece: balanced, flowing and effortlessly graceful. Yet despite plugging most of the cheaty gaps inevitably found in a fighting game, there are still a few dirty exploits that can give you the (soul) edge on your fellow duellists. In short, these are the guaranteed win moves you need to master if you’re to shame your friends in battle. Sharpen your backstabber and prepare for everyone to start calling you Cheapo McSkidpants.

Ring of Dishonour

Yes, this one is obvious like a Nightmare pommel to the nardicles, but in Soulcalibur V ring outs are still a cheaper-than-Tangy Toms method of scoring a win. Whoever your chosen swordsmith is, always learn a niggling counterattack that will nudge your opponent off the edge of the ring. Side-stepping horizontal attacks work well for this, as do rising vertical attacks that knock your enemies skyward, where you can jab them into the Void of Undeserved Victory.

In true ‘Spare me! I’m pathetic’-style, these moves often work especially well if you’re on the deck next to the edge of the arena. Allow your opponent to push you back, then take a hit so you end up of cowering on the floor, like a whipped cur. Roll inwards, forcing your opponent towards the perimeter of the ring and bosh them out with your chosen move. This is especially pleasing when you turn the (round) tables and on Siegfried, who acknowledges your dirty tactics with a forlorn ‘You planned thiiiiisss…!’ That’s right, Sir L’Oreal: we did.