Metal Gear Solid 3 HD PS3 guide: Camouflage locations and tips

mgs3 camouflage

Sure, you don’t think you’ll be that bothered at first with the fashion. You’re a stone cold stealth agent not a cover model. But as you push further into Metal Gear Solid 3 the obsession with the percentage camo index grows. Before long you won’t be satisfied with anything under 80% which is why you’ll need this guide to how to find and use all the camouflage in the game.

Standard Camouflage


Mother Nature’s own personal (admittedly rubbish) brand of camouflage. The only time you should ever be topless is the section after you escape Groznyj Grad’s prison, after you’re equipment has been stolen. You’ll recover your other camouflage and the rest of your items after you defeat The Sorrow.


The go to camo for any sections of the game that take place at night or in dark areas. You’ll want to use the black camouflage at the start of the Snake Eater mission and when you’re battling The Fury in his underground labyrinth. It’s also an effective disguise if you’re lying down in dark soil.


Best used during Snake Eater’s many forested environments. This should be your default camo when you’re in the Svyatogomyj forest (the six jungle areas before and during The End boss battle).

Olive Drab

Snake’s standard camouflage will never help you reach a high camo index, so we suggest ditching it for the tiger stripe outfit.


It might look conspicuous like a giant irradiated iguana storming downtown Tokyo, but the squares camouflage is useful in mountain environments. If you miss picking up the choco chip camo, use squares in the mountain ranges after the fight with The End. It’s also a useful outfit around the building in Dolinovadno where you rescue during the Virtuous Mission.

Tiger Stripe

The most useful, all purpose camouflage in the game. Effective in forests, grass and most types of soil, this outfit will keep you reasonably well hidden in most situations.

Tree Bark

Ooh, lets taking a running guess where this might be useful. Yes, if you’re pressed up against a tree, equip this and you’ll be invisible like black ice on a buggering cold January morn.