9 Things I wish I’d known before playing Final Fantasy XIII-2


Stock up on Wound potions


The new monsters of FFXIII-2 seem to favour one attack in particular – Wound. This particularly nasty move will reduce your character’s maximum HP bar, meaning that as much as you heal, you won’t be 100% again. While this shouldn’t worry you during short battles, fighting against tougher bosses will become a struggle as your party make their eventual decline into the danger zone. So make sure you stock up on Wound potions – available from travelling merchant Chocolina. They will become invaluable when clashing swords with cheaty bosses.


Enlist Gigantaur into your team

Final Fantasy XIII-2 tips guide


New to FFXIII-2 is the ability to recruit feral monsters into your team. And what could be better than rocking up to the battlefield with a giant cactus by your side? The fact that he casts protective spells over Noel and Serah, that’s what.

To catch this overgrown weed, head over to the Archlyte Steppe (open up the southern most gate in Sunleth Waterscape) and wander over to the northern area of the map. You’ll spot a few cactus shaped landmarks, as well as blue and red statues. Stroll about the blue statue until a random battle occurs – it may take a while, but soon, Gigantaur will pop up in all his glory. Take him out (be prepared for his 1000 Needle attack), and he’ll join your team.

Defeat the dragon

Final Fantasy XIII-2 tips guide


After meeting Snow in Sunleth, you’ll soon discover an enormous Flan that keeps on regenerating, no matter how hard you kick him. Don’t waste your time trying to kill him. Instead, open up the southern gate in this area, and you’ll be transported to the Archlyte Steppe – a vast, grassy area that’s pretty good for grinding.

Wander over to the western nomad camp and carry out a few missions – soon, the tribe leader will tell you about a massive dragon who turns up when the weather’s nasty. Use the weather controlling device in the corner of the hut to make the skies turn cloudy and the giant lizard will appear on a ridge near the original gate you came through. Mess him, then return to Sunleth. Hey presto! King Flan is considerably smaller and will disappear when you beat him, triggering a key plot point.