9 Things I wish I’d known before playing Final Fantasy XIII-2

Final Fantasy XIII-2 tips guide

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Before you Moogle up and set out into the wide new world of FFXIII-2, it’s perhaps wise to pause for a moment to take stock. This sequel to last year’s linear FFXIII now features time travel, meaning you’re free to choose how to progress through the story and whether or not to get distracted by the sidequests. While it’s great to be able to wander off on your own, it can be a little bit daunting to decide what to do. So here are a few tips to set you on your way. (And if you’re not sure about the game yet then check out our Final Fantasy XIII-2 review.)


1. Unlock the Medic role

Final Fantasy XIII-2 tips guide












FFXIII’s Paradigm Shift battle system is still present in the sequel, giving you the power to shift your party’s roles during battle between various tactics. At first, your trusty warriors Noel and Serah will only know the physically offensive Commando class, and the magic-chucking Ravager class. A fine place to start, but once you leave the peaceful beaches of New Bodhum, you’ll find your HP bars dipping into the red without a dedicated healer. So be sure to level up as quickly as you can – fill up the first tier of your Crystarium grids, and you’ll unlock the option to open up the Medic class. Do it.


Learn how to throw a Moogle

Mog the Moogle may be a cute pet, but he’s pretty useful when thrown at distant treasure chests. But you can’t chuck the furball at out-of-reach loot straight away -  you’ll need to unlock this ability.

To do so, head to the Sunleth Waterscape (where you met Snow), then wander down to the southern area of the map. You’ll come across a massive beastie that’ll transport you to a distant area . Along the way, you’ll learn how to throw Mog like a squeaky grenade. Neat! Test out your new ability by returning to Bresha Ruins, and lob your moogle at a floaty chest nestled in Atlus’ hand (located near the first gate you jumped through).


Reveal hidden treasure with Mog













When you set out on your grand adventure, you’ll discover a rather unusual artefact almost immediately. Head towards the fallen meteorite in New Bodhum, and along the way you’ll find a platform with a semi-visible crystal floating on it. Ignore it for now – you’ll need to unlock Mog’s paradox ability before you can nab it.

Wait until you’re shepherded to the next area – Bresha Ruins – and once you’re free to search for a device that’ll bring down super-boss Atlus’ shields, Mog will suddenly remember that with a tap of R1, he can bring time-line snarled items into this reality. Be sure to look out for barely visable loot then…