The Last Of Us’ Joel is “a violent thug, a brutal killer and a torturer”

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So, not a nice guy then? The revelation comes in the latest The Last Of Us trailer which shows the actors Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson working through an early version of the VGA reveal trailer. The phrasing implies that Joel is ‘known’ somehow, maybe a minor celebrity on the post apocalyptic survival circuit? The slightly different voice over also seems to confirms a few other aspects of the game. 

It ties into previous comments from Naughty Dog that Ellie was in someway “Joel’s salvation”. The different dialogue from Ellie is as follows:

“He’s been called a violent thug, a brutal killer and a torturer. Me? He’s just Joel to me. Back in his day you weren’t afraid of being hunted by other people, and it wasn’t normal for a girl to scavenging the dead and you sure as hell didn’t have to worry about them.”

The trailer’s already suggested that you’ll be fighting other humans, something the “hunted by other people” line seems to confirm. In interview Joel’s actor, Troy Baker has hinted that most people have got game and the character relationships completely wrong. “I think what I’ve seen over the last few days, as we’ve been teasing this, is that people think they know what the game is about. People think they know who Joel and Ellie is, and the relationship between the characters. It’s fun to watch from this side because I don’t think anyone really knows.”