PS4: Sony CEO says “We will probably be the last to announce something”


I’m getting the translation double checked as we speak but apparently Philippe Cardone, the CEO of PlayStation France, has told Le Point Magazine that he thinks Sony will be the “last to announce something”. When asked about this year’s E3 and next generation consoles he told the magazine that Sony were under “less pressure” than it’s rivals and would “probably be the last to announce something”.

The story does tie in with SCE’s CTO Masaaki Tsuruta’s quotes that the PS3 would be at least seven years old before the PS4 appears at E3 and boss Kaz Hirai’s confirmation that there would be no next gen PlayStation at E3.

Cardone also talks about the lack of a “killer app” for Move and blames the drop in PS Vita sales on a lack of Japanese centered games, saying that the games are better suited for a European market. I guess we’ll find out this February if he’s right there.

Thanks Le Point