Final Fantasy XIII-2′s worst monsters

5 Gigantaur

This isn’t a tips guide, okay? I cannot emphasis that enough for legal reasons. Nothing to be learned here. Instead this is simply the nine most pointless, ‘What the hell?!’ monsters you can recruit in Final Fantasy XIII-2. From glowing cats to ten foot chickens, it’s like the back page of God’s note book – the section labelled ‘needs work’. Click on to see what our resident Final Fantasy expert Kim Richards thinks are the worst offenders. We’re also got a Final Fantasy XIII-2 PS3 review.


Mosquitoes are annoying at the best of times, and these blood-sucking wannabes are pretty damn irritating. They can’t even fly properly, thanks to those pointless, squeezable wings. Yeah, they may be on your side, but their tiny, spindly legs will have you twitching for the swatter. BLAM.



Time for a geometry lesson, kids. This here is an icosahedron. In Final Fantasy speak, that’s a twenty sided shape so full of the grumps, that it deals with stressful situations by blowing itself up. A rather reckless action that brings the pain to everyone on the field. What. A. Jerk.


Cait Sith

Sadly, this iteration isn’t anything like the loveable cuddly robot of FFVII. Instead, you’ve got a skinny cartoon cat that travels around in a floating conch shell (er…what?), emerging occasionally to scratch out the eyes of anyone around him, before curling up for a snooze in a handy sunbeam. Rubbish.