Final Fantasy XIII-2 review, Resident Evil 6 trailer & Metal Gear Solid 2 guide: PS3 video round up


In case you hadn’t heard, video horribly murdered the radio star with fire to its face. With such aggressive moving images offing other mediums willy nilly, we’re glad our collection of PS3 videos are the friendly sort. This week, we’ve got a Final Fantasy XIII-2 video review, Capcom developers talking about the Resident Evil 6 trailer and a stupendously catchy, fan-made Portal 2 music video. Now if you’ll excuse us, we’ve just got to pop out for Radio 2′s funeral.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 video review

Blooming typical. You wait a considerable amount of years for a game called Final Fantasy 13 and then two turn up… eh, quite far apart from each other. Anyhoo, our pals over at GamesRadar made this FF XIII-2 video review you should most definitely set your eyes to.If you’re more in favour of the printed word than that video witchcraft read our Final Fantasy XIII-2 review to see if Lightning’s latest adventures live up to the name of the legendary RPG series.

Resident Evil 6 trailer with developer commentary

We’re a tad obsessed with the Resident Evil 6 trailer. It’s totally fine we’ve already watched it roughly 22 times, right? If by some festering, undead miracle you’ve yet to watch it, cast your eyes above for some developer insight from Capcom and then three minutes of zombies having a glorious smacketh down layeth upon them. Our Resident Evil 6 trailer breakdown features over 50 screens and loads of ‘definitely-not-made-from-utter-guesswork’ analysis.

Metal Gear Solid 2 HD dog tag guide

Don’t look at us that way. Yes, we ‘might’ have stayed up until 7am last week trying to platinum Metal Gear Solid 3 HD. But c’mon, horrible sleep deprivation is absolutely worth the price of an imaginary PS3 pot. Here’s a wee Metal Gear Solid 2 HD trophy guide for getting the game’s dog tags (well, for the tanker anyway). Seeing as it’s out in the UK damn soon, you should read our Metal Gear Solid HD Collection review to discover why Snake’s brand of stealth remains solid gold.