Resident Evil 6 – What would Leon look like if he ditched his 1998 haircut?


Sweet merciful, Lickers above. What monstrosity doth offend my ocular cavity? Why, it’s Leon S. Kennedy from the new Resident Evil 6 trailer sporting a Justin Bieber ‘do. Our Secret Service agent’s locks haven’t been touched by a pair of sheers since his first day on the Raccoon City beat back in 1998. So we decided it was time to see what he’d look like if zombie Brutus the Barber Beefcake when to town on those oh so stylish curtains.

Here’s our boy rocking the same bob as when he and Ada first went cop uniform to cocktail address against hordes of zombie pooches in Resi 2. Looking good Leo, bud. Still, lets see what you’d look like with a series of recent hairdos. We just hope your undead-kiboshing powers aren’t tied (Samson-style) to keeping the same haircut for 14 years…

The Russell Brand

Hmmm, not bad. If definitely gives him that moany-faced emo look that would put off any soul, living or not, from being within a 100 yard vicinity of our survival horror law enforcer.

The Lady Gaga

We’ve got nothing against Leon embracing his eccentric feminine side, but we just don’t see this look inspiring dread in the hearts of Tall Oak’s legions of undead.

The Jedward

As much as we heart horrendously annoying, manufactured Irish pop acts, we advise Leon to take one more spin on the magic San Andreas-style endless respawning barber chair of follicle magic.

The R-Patz

This could work, actually. Sure, it looks like something’s crawled (and died) on Leon’s bonce. But the 18 layers of various gels, waxes and other hair products should ensure his head is sturdy like a kevlar-coated helmet. Ideal zombie/hunter/tyrant protection, methinks.

The Skrillex