What Uncharted 4′s million polygon characters will look like

Those wireframe models certainly look high-detail, and you can see they’re down-scaled in-game. So are all the next-gen titles based on a simple misunderstanding of how the character design process works? Not neccessarily, says 3D expert Rob:

“The full renders look to be normal mapped rather than stupidly hi-res. The WIP images are a combination. It’s quite telling though as some show wireframes of 3D Studio Max and there are certainly no million poly models there.

So we’ve come full circle. That job listing isn’t absolute proof that Naughty Dog’s next game will feature million-poly character models in-game, but after examining the studio’s work for Uncharted 3 it does appear that they’ll be vastly improved on compared to Drake’s most recent adventure on PS3.

And the facilitator for that vast improvement could well be a next-gen console – the phrase ‘next gen’ is used in the job description, after all.

So let’s indulge our more optimistic side for a second – what does a million-polygon character model actually look like? Pretty flipping impressive, as it turns out. These are renders from 3D artists working in super-high detail:

Are we staring at the near-future of in-game character models? We’ll know a few E3s down the road, but whoever gets that keenly-speculated character artist position at Naughty Dog could well be creating a multi-million polygon Nathan Drake for your PS4 – if the studio’s even working on another Uncharted, that is.

Uncharted 3 desert gameplay

Thanks to zbrushcentral, Area