Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock now PS3 exclusive

Screen shot 2012-01-25 at 10.32.28 am

Remember when we mentioned Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock’s monsters the other day? Well Sony have just announced it as a PS3 exclusive with a spring release date. It’ll also be the “first in a series of console games based on the brand”. BBC Worldwide’s EVP of Digital Entertainment and Gaming, Robert Nashak has a slightly confusing quote to go with the news: “It’s one of our most ambitious projects to date, using state of the art motion sensor technology to create stunning graphics as well as specially created vocals.”

Using motion sensor technology to create graphics? I assume he means they’ve scanned Matt Smith’s adorably lumpy face rather than this being a motion control thing. And by ‘specially created vocals’ he means Matt Smith and Alex Kingston are in the game rather than having the voices conjured up by some sort of wizard. Although that would be cooler.