The Last Of Us new info and interview: “It’s a love story”

The Last Of Us new info screens

“Not a romantic love story” explains creative director Neil Druckmann in this month’s Official PlayStation Magazine UK The Last Of Us cover feature (see The Last Of Us screens here). “It’s a love story between these two characters” he adds, speaking of Joel and Ellie, the stars of Naughty Dog’s new zombie filled survival game.

While it’s a world apart from Uncharted’s pulpy action it sounds like the team are aiming for a similar level of involved storytelling “To me, the definition of a story is that at the end the character is irreversibly changed,” says Druckmann. “Both of these characters are going to go through something that will change them forever. And that’s the whole focus of this project, getting through that with these two characters.” There more from the team in the mag’s six page cover feature.

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