Paying for Arkham City’s Catwoman DLC? “Not something we were involved with” say Rocksteady


Speaking in an interview in this month’s Official PlayStation Magazine UK, Batman Arkham City director Sefton Hill speaks openly about the last minute switcheroo that saw the heavily publicised Catwoman campaign released as paid for DLC. Answering a question on the controversy that surrounded it he said “I definitely appreciate that. But to be honest, as a developer, that’s not something we were involved with directly. Our remit is much more the content of the game than the strategic decisions.” (Although it didn’t affect the game that much, as our Batman Arkham City review proves). 

He also talks about the decision to make Catwoman a second playable character. “When we thought about the main story, Catwoman seemed to offer a nicer contrast in terms of giving you someone else to play. She comes out really well in terms of the way she moves around the city because she’s so different to Batman.”  Hill makes it clear, however, that it was always “Batman’s game” but adds “Catwoman was someone we really enjoyed having in the game for that nice contrast she gave next to the moral fortitude of Batman. She’s a cool character, and it’s fun fighting with Catwoman and kicking ass with her. It also gave us that opportunity to do the alternate ending when you can leave Batman to die and just run away with the loot, which we thought was interesting because she’s so morally ambiguous. ”

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