Official PlayStation Magazine UK: new issue on sale now


January is a sod of a month. Weather cold enough to make important appendages drop off, change purse-ruining sales and a whole 11-and-a-bit month wait for Xmas. To get you through these last few dark days until the dawn of February comes the new Official PlayStation Magazine UK, which is in shops now.

This month’s cover game is Naughty Dog’s hugely exciting The Last of Us. Can PS3′s best developer top Uncharted 3? You’ll have to read to find out. We’ve also got a brilliant interview with Batman: Arkham City‘s game director Sefton Hill, who lifts the lid on the making of a masterpiece. All that and a chuffing huge Mass Effect 3 feature. Buy it and keep the wolves from our collective doors for at least another 30 days.

We go behind the scenes of Naughty Dog’s amazing-looking zombie project to find out how the Uncharted studio is trying to change the way stories are told in games. And also, how it essentially made Drake’s Deception while only having half a team. Get a sneak peak of our interview with this The Last of Us feature titbit

War! What is it good for?! Absolutely noth… actually, it’s good for spawning a trilogy of awesome sci-fi action RPGs. In our massive feature, we discover how BioWare has the likes of both Uncharted and Skyrim in its sights, with what could be the slickest, deepest shooter we’ve ever seen. To ruin Valentines day, why not download the Mass Effect 3 demo when it’s released on Feb 14. We’re sure the forgotten dinner and inevitable divorce will be worth it for five minutes with Shepard.

In an exclusive interview with the man behind the Batman: Arkham games, Sefton Hill reveals his thought on the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight films, taking on the cowl and how the studio came up with that ending.  Read our Batman: Arkham City review to find out why Rocksteady’s masterpiece is one of PS3′s best games.

As well as the paper edition you can also head over to Apple Newsstand and you can now pick up a digital copy of Official PlayStation Magazine UK for £3.99. There’s also a range of offers for 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions. You can also get Official PlayStation Magazine UK on Zinio as well, so you are fully covered for all your electronic reading needs.