Darksiders 2 PS3 preview and screens

Being Death has its obvious drawbacks, you can’t stroke kittens for a start, but this version of Death is different from any you’ve seen before. “We definitely didn’t stick to any particular version or interpretation of the horseman” says Joe Madureira, creative director at Vigil games.  “We knew we wanted him to be faster, more agile and more aggressive”.

This means, depending on your play style, you can dual wield weapons – such as the two halves of Death’s scythe, Wolverine type claws or iron fists, which are faster but deal less damage.

Or take control of one heavy weapon like a giant axe or the signature scythe that will be far more effective, as long as you can connect with an enemy. And the customisation doesn’t end with weapons, there’s also your armour to consider, with each combination bringing, not just a different look but its own set of merits and drawbacks.

From what we’ve seen so far, Darksiders II is shaping up to be a much more action oriented game than the original, and by leaving the setting of the first game behind, it should give the art team much more room to be creative and come up with some truly original environments for Death to cause havoc in.

Lastly, if the big sword (and we’re talking statue of liberty big) we caught a glimpse of, plunged into the middle of a huge cavern, is anything to go by there’s going to be boss battles that could rival that of Shadow of the Colossus. Now that would be worth stopping the apocalypse for.