Darksiders 2 PS3 preview and screens

Darksiders II

The apocalypse is coming, again. Honestly haven’t we avoided this enough times already? This time it’s down to Death, yes-actual Death; the immortal guy with the big scythe, to stop it. So what do we know about Darksiders 2 ahead of its June release date?

Following on from the first game Death’s brother, War, has been convicted of starting the apocalypse a bit earlier than some people would have liked and sent to earth – which is apparently a horrible place now – to think about what he’s done. This, it would seem, has made Death a bit upset.

It’s obvious that Darksiders II has been ‘influenced’ by a wide variety of last year’s triple A games. And by ‘influenced’ we mean it’s ‘borrowed liberally’. From the combat system of God of War, including the QTE finisher icons over the heads of mini-bosses; to Prince of Persia’s wall running, through to Batman’s line gun. It’s all here in one form or another.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing – all of those games used the respective features to great effect – but so far we’ve not seen much that could be called original. There are puzzle sections, which will no doubt involve pulling leaver A to open door B and some race-against-the-clock moments like scaling the walls of a well as lava rises up from, presumably, the depths of hell. Again it’s well implemented but familier.