Resident Evil 6 trailer breakdown, 60 screens and horribly excited, zombified thoughts


Annnnd breathe. Well, not if you’ve already been infected by Resi’s Las Plagas or the T-virus. Then you’d be deader than zombie Kurt Russell’s acting career. Last night’s Resident Evil 6 trailer has hit survival horror enthusiasts everywhere upside the head with a tonne of exhilarating, speculatey titbits. Rejoice, the No Hope Left site thankfully wasn’t a flirty tease.

Excitingly, the game already looks in a mega advanced state and appears to have six playable co-op characters, at least three major locations and a new ├╝ber villain who could be an especially stabby version of Nemesis. Even better, the trailer confirms the game will ship this Nov 20th. So to help get you up to speed on one of 2012′s biggest PS3 games, we’ve broken down Resi 6′s trailer and highlighted all the blink-and-it’ll-eat-your-face-off bits you may have missed.

First up, here’s the trailer in all its living-challenged glory…

All hail the return of Leon S. Kennedy… and the ever fashionable curtains he’s been rocking since 1998.

This chap is none other than President Adam of the good ol’ US of A. He and Leon are apparently mates, which makes his zombification a bit of a bummer for their budding bromance.

And here’s Leon’s new partner.She’s called Helena Harper and was working as part of the President’s security detail when he was attacked. We’re sure she’ll be a Sheva-style co-op buddy for our dreamy Secret Service agent.

*sniff* Here’s where Leon has to put the Leader of the Free World down with a bullet to the rotting brain. It’s just like Old Yeller. Rabies is totally worse than the T-Virus, right?

The game’s set ten years after the original Raccoon City outbreak, although these streets don’t actually belong to Resi’s first city.

Instead, we’re in a place called Tall Oaks, which appears to be Zombie Central, USA. With 70, 000 undead on the loose its tourist board has a hard few years coming up.

Paging, Ingrid Hunnigan. Leon’s Secret Service contact from Resi 4 returns in all her bespectacled hotness.

Here’s a map of some zombie hot spots, along with a window which seems to further confirm Leon will definitely be tagged along by Helena.

Now, to us, this looks like someone Leon has tried (and miserably failed) to save from a burning bus. Hey, you can’t rescue them all, chief.

Resume the vintage T-Virus pose. From the different behaviour the Tall Oaks’ undead display from the Chinese infected seen later in the trailer, we reckon both Umbrella’s infamous virus and the Uroboros parasites from Resi 5 will play a role in Resident Evil 6.