Resident Evil 6 release date announcement imminent?

Biohazard sign

Biohazard symbols popping up randomly all over the world with today’s date scrawled up next to them? Are Capcom trying to tell us something via intriguing website Though we’ve heard nothing about a Resident Evil 6 release date yet, or even if the game’s actually in production, it’s a sure thing the next proper instalment of Capcom’s survival horror series will appear on PS3.

Clues on the mysterious, viral-esque site give clues about January 19th (y’know, to-sodding-day). Should we expect some exciting Resi 6 news in the next few hours? Read on for some educated guessworkery.

The site has pictures apparently taken in London at Vauxhall Station, a roughly shot video from San Paolo and pictures from Johannesburg and Hong Kong. Biohazard symbols replace the O in NO HOPE LEFT, which is scrawled all over billboards and bare walls. The first post on the website was left on the 11th of January and demands information about where pictures were taken and who stars in the videos.

There’s also a desperate untranslated video of a woman pleading to the camera in mandarin.  Whatever the biohazard symbol suggests, it’s everywhere. Could this mean that Resident Evil 6 is no longer contained to one location? If these are indeed clues to the next Resident Evil then it looks like a World War Z style epidemic could face the world. We’ll just have to wait and see what today brings.