PSN will be offline for 12 hours’ scheduled maintenance


That’s right, between 4 pm GMT today and 6 am GMT tomorrow there’ll be no PSN services for you. Trophy hunters cancarry on as normal – Once the PSN’s back online your profile will be updated with those shiny golds and (puts little finger to mouth) platinums?

During the offline period, you won’t be able to access any account management features, PlayStation Store, PS Home, or the music unlimited & video unlimited services.

If you’re currently signed in, you won’t be kicked off – you’ll just get a friendly maintenance screen if you try to access the above features.

Sony isn’t giving away details of what the exact nature of the ‘routine maintenance’ is, but there’s usually at least a few new gubbins in PS Home to play around after the PSN returns from an offline period, so keep your eyes peeled.

Thanks to the US Blog.

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